3 recipes of yogurt ice cream, that will make you hallucinate!

For yogurt there are 3 minerals: calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, 3 advantages (among many): stabilizing the digestive flora, improving our skin and healing and finally, 3 recipes for yogurt ice cream which are: divine, easy and totally light.

Let me guess, you are on a strict diet and you want something sweet, without refined sugar, low in carbohydrates and calories ... or, you just want and have to eat healthy but you run out of ideas for desserts, or better yet! You have kids who want sweet but you do not think it's a healthy option to give them a lot of sugar. If you are part of the club, welcome! you are in the right place and about to know how to make 3 delicious yogurt ice cream recipes .

As for all ice creams you will need firm and plain yogurt, you can learn to do it at home with my previous recipe:

  • How to make firm or liquid homemade yogurt .

Recipe 1: Chocolate yogurt ice cream

I said goodbye to my failed and sour Attempted chocolate yogurt ice cream, until I found the "perfect formula". What will you need for this great classic?

  • One and a half cups of dates, previously soaked in warm water for 3 or 4 hours.
  • Half a cup of peanut butter or natural almonds (without added oil or sugar).
  • Half a teaspoon of salt.
  • A spoonful of pure vanilla.
  • A cup of plain, firm yogurt no sugar.
  • Half a cup of skim milk.
  • Half a cup of cocoa powder.
  • Half a cup of powdered Stevia.

In a processor, drain the dates a little and mix them until you create a paste. Then place the peanut butter, salt, stevia and vanilla until you get a homogeneous mixture. Pour milk, yogurt and cocoa. You will obtain a homogeneous mixture that must go to the refrigerator for 4 hours, and every hour, you must stir to make sure that all the flavors are mixed more and more.

Recipe 2: Frozen lemon yogurt ice cream h2>

Turn your favorite dessert of almost 400 calories, into a dessert of 200 calories, without saturated fat, full of vitamins and without guilt. You will need:

  • The zest of a full lemon.
  • 20 Ml of lemon juice.
  • One cup of plain, firm, sugar-free yogurt .
  • A spoonful of Agave syrup.
  • Half a cup of powdered Stevia.
  • A pinch of salt.

In a processor, mix all the ingredients and place them in the refrigerator for four hours. Remember to mix every hour, to achieve a rich flavor and texture. Accompany it with a little sugar-free chantilly cream.

Recipe 3: Tropical mango-banana yogurt ice cream

Delicious combination deserves to be in a yogurt ice cream! Fill with flavor, antioxidant properties and vitamins by mixing:

  • A cup of banana, chopped into squares.
  • A cup of mango, peeled and chopped in squares.
  • Two cups of thick yogurt (Greek type) without sugar.
  • Three tablespoons of Agave syrup.

Add all the ingredients in the processor and mix, until get the already famous homogeneous mixture. Place in the refrigerator and follow the same time and process as in the previous recipes.

Now yes, get to work and enjoy these delicious ice creams!

Por : Nathaly Arrage