Strawberry cake recipe with cream without sugar

This recipe for strawberry cake with cream has three things that make it incredible: it is easy to prepare, it is delicious and it has no sugar .

Of a striking appearance, vibrant red color and a sweet and intense flavor, strawberries are one of the most appreciated fruits. Not only do they have an appearance that captures the look immediately, their nutritional properties are also well documented. They are an excellent source of vitamins A, E and C, have antioxidant properties and are also low in calories .

Being a highly versatile food, you can enjoy them alone or in a dessert . Yes, we know, desserts have a lot of sugar and that is not good for health, or to lose measures. Do not worry, the recipe for strawberry cake with cream that we give you next is "blameless".

How to make Strawberry Cake with Cream strong>

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Recipe of strawberry cake with sugar-free cream

Cake with Strawberries and cream without sugar, ideal for people who are dieting or who want to eat a healthy dessert.Next add the granulated sweetener and beat until a foamy dough forms.
  • Add the eggs to the mix, one at a time. Continue beating until they are fully incorporated. Add the wheat flour and then the vanilla. By now you will have a slightly thicker mass. All right.
  • Pour all the dough into the mold that you previously had greased and floured and bake until, when introducing a fork, it comes out clean. Also the crust should be golden at this time
  • Let cool.
  • Adding the Strawberries

    1. Mix the cream to beat with the teaspoon of the sweetener until you get a soft foam. Reserve it.
    2. Cut a piece of sponge cake, glaze it with the strawberry jam with help of a brush, decorate it with the cream you made previously and put some pieces of freshly chopped strawberries (washed and disinfected previously) on the surface.
    3. That's it! There you have your strawberry cake, free of sugar, to enjoy as a family because it yields a lot.


    Tip: if you want your strawberry cake to have that" bright "transparent film on top, you can apply a thin layer of jelly of flavor to strawberries, also with a brush.