Baked Apples Recipe

Roasted apples are a classic and simple dessert to make at home. They require few ingredients and an oven.

The result is usually a very sweet dessert, ideal to eat after a main meal in which you have also used the oven.

How to make apples Baked in the oven

The ingredients for making these baked apples are few and easy to find. In addition to the respective apples you need cinnamon powder, wine, a little honey and sugar.

The preparation, as you will see below, is very easy and intuitive.

baked apples recipe

 baked apples recipe
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Baked baked apples recipe

Learn how to prepare this healthy recipe for apples Roasted in the oven with a pinch of cinnamon: a simple but delicious dessert.In this case, we will do it at 200 degrees centigrade.
  • At once, we will prepare the surface to install our apples. For that, we will simply use the oven tray, but we will cover it with baking paper. At the moment, we will leave the tray out of the oven that is heating up.
  • Next, We will continue with another basic step for recipes with apples: wash these fruits very well.
  • To continue, we will arm ourselves with a very sharp knife, with which we will cut our apples. We will go straight to the center, to remove a piece in the shape of a tube, which contains the heart of each fruit, including the remains of branches and seeds.
  • Now we will arrange the four apples on the baking tray, without sticking between them.
  • Then we will take the following ingredients to mix them and prepare a kind of sauce: cinnamon, sugar, wine and butter (optional). The idea is to mix everything up to get a homogeneous preparation, which we will pour carefully into the holes that have been in the center of each block, with the aim of bathing the internal walls of the fruit. The idea is not that the sauce falls to the bottom and stays there. Traditional baked apples do not have butter, but I add it for an optional touch of hydration.
  • Before putting the apples in the oven, sprinkle them with a little extra sugar and a few more drops of wine.
  • Now yes, our apples will go to the oven for 25 minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, we will remove the apples from the oven. To serve, you can sprinkle with more cinnamon and if you wish, some drops of honey. They can be accompanied with vanilla ice cream or with cream.
  • If you do not know how to remove the heart of an apple then look at this video:

    If you want a few less sweet roasted apples, I leave this tip: you can sprinkle them with a little lemon juice, to balance the sweetness of this dessert with the acidity of this fruit.

    Which apples to choose for this recipe?

    The ideal is to use an apple type that contains less water. This is because the more liquids there are in the apples, the more likely they are to start falling apart during baking.

    The most popular type of apples used for this recipe are reineta apples. Golden apples can also be used.

    How long do apples need to be in the oven?

    As we have seen in the recipe, the ideal time is 25 minutes. However, for very powerful kilns, this time can be reduced to 20 minutes, especially if no floury apples have been used, but those containing higher proportions of water.

    In the case of variations in the recipe in which more liquid is added (wine), the time could take up to 45 minutes, but always making sure to use a type of apples consistent enough, so that they do not fall apart.

    Apples roasted in the microwave

    Of course, this version of the recipe has become very popular, because it is a quick recipe.We can use the maximum power of the furnace, except if yours is particularly powerful, and consider that maybe it is too much (remember that in the world of furnaces, each device is a different planet). In that case, the power can be lowered to 75%.

    It is advisable to arrange them in a microwave-safe container, but not a dish, but have walls. We will do this because apples can release juice during cooking, and we do not want it to spill all over the oven.

    More recipes with apples

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