Corona de Brioche: what it is and how to prepare it (recipe)

Ana Dávila (@ agd1ta on twitter) is an expert at cooking in the oven. He has previously collaborated on Comedera.Com. On this occasion he wrote a recipe for Corona de Brioche.

What is brioche? It is a type of sweet bread that has its origin in France in the Middle Ages.

Although its preparation is like that of a bread, the extra ration of eggs and butter are which give it its characteristic touch.

The brioche is usually used as a dessert or companion for tea or coffee. However, there are many variations, some of them salty.

The Brioche crown recipe that you will read next is sweet and has a pastry cream filled with coffee. It's a little long, but the result is great.

brioche crown

crown of brioche
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Recipe to make Corona de Brioche

Step by step preparation of a brioche crown.It is poured over an inn and it is continued kneading.
  • The butter cut in cubes, the dough will become sticky but as you continue to cook the butter will be integrated and it will completely detach itself from the table. This may take approximately 20 minutes depending on the mixing and the ambient temperature.
  • When the dough is integrated and smooth, put a little flour in a bowl and take it to refrigeration covered with plastic wrap. The longer the dough rests the better.
  • Remove the dough from the refrigerator, extend with the help of a rolling pin and a minimum amount of flour in a counter. Shape it into a rectangle.
  • Cover with a light layer of pastry cream.
  • Roll the dough (with the pastry cream inside).
  • Cut the center of the cylinder vertically, leaving one end uncut.
  • 2 strips will come out, we braid them. We cut the other end and braid. We join the braided ends with a little bit of water and a little pressure.
  • We bake in a preheated oven at 180ºC, until the dough is cooked. This dough tends to brown a little, not pass cooking or lose properties.
  • Preparation of pastry cream:

    1. In a stainless steel pot we put the milk and dissolve the instant coffee out of the fire.
    2. Apart from whitening the eggs with a part of the sugar and then the starch is added.
    3. We heat the milk and temper the eggs (we put the hot milk in the container where we have the eggs and the starch shakes and continue beating). We return all this to the pot, beating vigorously to avoid lumps forming in our pastry cream.