Three milk pastry, traditional dessert

The three-milk cake recipe is very popular throughout Latin America. In fact, it is difficult to determine its origin. Rather, several countries have developed a particular version.

In the case of Mexico, tres leches cake is one of the most popular desserts, and well regarded as part of the local cuisine. One thing is certain, it is a perfect dessert to finish a good meal of snacks or other Mexican salty dishes.

Three Milk Cake Recipe

Something important about the name of this recipe, is that it can change, depending on the country where it is mentioned: three milk cake, three milk cake or even three milk tarts. While in some Spanish-speaking countries, the word "torta" refers to a dessert cake, in others like Mexico, it refers to a type of sandwich.

The truth is that everywhere, The ingredients for this dessert are the same: the three milks. This means, evaporated milk, condensed milk or milk, and liquid milk or cream.

three milk cake recipe

 three-milk cake recipe
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Pastel tres leches, traditional recipe

Recipe to prepare, step by step, this traditional dessert that brings evaporated milk, condensed milk or milk, and liquid milk, or cream.For this, we will beat the yolks of all the eggs, and only three clear ones, in a container. We will continue until bubbles begin to form. It is possible to help yourself to this process with a beater.
  • To continue, we must incorporate the sugar to the mixture, continuing to beat. You have to do this step little by little, so that the mixture is integrated well, and beat enough to form a smooth and full body pasta.
  • Once the mixture is uniform, you have to add flour and baking powder, without stopping to beat. It is advisable to add the flour little by little, in the same way as the sugar, so that the powder is well integrated into the mixture and not run the risk of forming lumps.
  • When the mixture starts to look uniform again, let's add the vanilla.
  • We will pass this mixture to a baking dish. If it is a conventional mold, it must be greased well before adding the sponge cake, with the butter marked as optional in the list of ingredients. If it is a silicone mold, in principle it is not necessary to do so. However, I have taken a couple of surprises with this type of container, and I prefer to grease them in any way.
  • Let's put the pie dough in the oven, for 25 minutes.
  • Preparation of liquid and meringue

    1. While the cake is baked, we can use it to make the mixture of the three milks. Literally, we will mix in a container or in the beater the three types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream or liquid milk.
    2. Once a homogeneous mixture has been obtained, we will reserve it.
    3. We can also take advantage of the baking time to prepare the meringue or cream with which we will cover this cake three milks. Do you remember the three egg whites that we have not used to prepare the sponge cake? This is the time to use them. We will simply beat them to the point of snow.
    4. After obtaining the point consistency of snow, we will incorporate the sugar, little by little, and mixing to obtain a homogeneous cream. However, you also have to beat enough to obtain the voluminous and creamy consistency of the meringue. At this point, we will reserve the meringue.
    5. After the baking time, we will make the knife test. If we dip a knife in the dough, but it is still dry when it is removed, we will let the cake cook a few more minutes.
    6. Then, you have to take the cake out of the oven. Ideally, let it cool before unmolding it.
    7. After this point, there are several ways to prepare this cake. A school prefers to leave the complete cake, to later soak it with the mixture of the three milks, and crown it with the meringue.Either way, the idea is also that the cake ends up soaked with the three milks.
    8. In any case, we are going to have to bathe the cake with the mixture of the three milks. This is why normally this cake is preserved in glass molds with walls, to be able to contain the liquid. Before bathing the cake, I drilled it a bit with the tip of a fork, to help it absorb the milk better in the most central points.
    9. Finally, we're going to spread the meringue in a top layer for the cake.

    How to decorate the cake three milks

    There are endless ways to decorate this cake. When it is almost white, it is almost like having a canvas to paint. Here we will give you some ideas:

    • With red fruits, like raspberries, strawberries or even maraschino cherries or in syrup.
    • Putting some leaves of aromatic herbs, like mint or Peppermint.
    • With more meringue. In fact, it is possible to prepare meringue of another color to make some lines or figures. You just have to paint it with food coloring.
    • Spraying with a little cinnamon. This, in addition, gives it a delicious flavor. We can also do this with cocoa powder or chocolate.
    • With small pieces of peanuts, hazelnuts or even split caramel.
    • Spreading a bit of lemon zest or orange zest .

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